Friday, February 10, 2012

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Hey guys - Got something REALLY cool to share with you today ;-)
Just thought I'd give you the heads up on something I stumbled across the other day. It's completely free and the methods outlined don't cost you a cent to implement either.
I followed the instructions down to a Tee (which was easy might I add). And I kid you not... I made my first commission using this system... Cool eh.

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Will I get rich off this method? Well that depends how much I scale it up I guess. If I put a little bit more leg work into it, I reckon I could create a nice thousand dollar per week income stream that passively drips into my bank account like clockwork every week.

So if I was you, I'd do yourself a favor and at least check it out. You've got nothing to lose as it's completely free
and it's all in nice step by step video tutorials as well.

UPDATE: I've just spoke to James Scholes (the creator of this system) and he said he's gonna be putting this on Clickbank for around the $97 mark pretty soon.

Apparently it was a sneaky way to get tons of testimonials to put on his sales page when he comes to selling it or something. Either way this ain't gonna be free for long, so I recommend to jump on board while this baby is free.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Greetings everyone,

Jeffery B Maharip here. Thought that I would like to share something that has become very popular these days, not just in my country but around the world, HEALTH & FITNESS!

But I would first like to say  this from the Bruneian perspective. Health and fitness is no stranger to anyone here in Brunei, in fact anyone around the world. It's just that it recently has become the talk of the town ever since chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and the likes of it started sticking their ugly heads out!

What was once considered ' Penyakit Orang Kaya' or simply in English, the rich man's disease/sickness, has now caught on almost all types of people from  different kinds of walk of life. Way back then, these chronic diseases were usually associated with the rich and high class people simply because of their lifestyle. It was obvious too. The lower and middle people were usually the ones that worked physically harder. Most of the lower class people chose to work on their own as fishermen and farmers. So, it is obvious that these guys were very physical in their chores.

As mentioned earlier, this is no longer the case here. Anyone of any age, of any background now has become vulnerable to these diseases! It's like our immune systems have evolved in a very bad way! 

Obesity and weight problems, for example, are longer the concern of the middle age and beyond groups. Heck, you can even now see this problem among young school children onwards!  Bad genetics, as one might say.  Was this story just pre-written and not allowed or meant to be edited later? Can there not anything be done just because it has been pre-determined, pre-installed  and locked inside of us for good? 

Before I present further comments on that, I would like to prematurely end this article, which means I will return soon. But I shall leave with a quote from the Quran. Allah the Al mighty says," Verily, Allah will not change the fate of those who themselves do not want to change", Ar Ra'd, verses 11.

Till then. Wassalam

To be continued...